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Introducing Octane101 Podcast

This new year, we finally started the podcast we have been planning for months, or probably even years. The reason, simple! I realised that half the time I am talking about automobiles and everything around them anyway, and most of the people around me share similar interests, if not similar opinions. So, why not just record all that and put it up online to widen the scope of the conversations. It goes by the same name as this blog and is now available on all the major platforms for podcasts, including Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and .

The podcast is co-hosted by fellow motorcyclist and good friend Sayan. He tests cars and motorcycles and writes about them for a living (and allows me to try them when bribed with enough food) which allows him to bring a much wider perspective about automobiles than I can. And while we agree on a couple of things, for most parts, our conversations are long drawn arguments about things on wheels. Maybe some will be settled by the audience on the podcast.

The Octane101 Podcast is a way for us to open more dialogues about the future of the automobile industry and all the tech that is driving the transition in this space, to highlight the potential gaps that not many are talking about and to showcase some of the amazing work that otherwise goes unnoticed behind the scenes.

At time of publishing this, we have already posted two podcast episodes and are editing the third one. So please give it a listen and share your feedback with us in comments or by writing at

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By Akshay Sharma

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